What's a Trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, name or phrase that identifies a business or product.  It is the image or words that you associate with a particular product.  Any time you see a ™ or ® symbol next to a logo or word, you know that it is a trademark.  For example, FIRST® is a registered trademark of our organization, so any time you see FIRST in italics and all capital letters, you know it is referring to the FIRST that organizes FIRST® LEGO® League.
Registering a trademark with your national government allows you to protect your right to use a special name, picture, or tagline that identifies your product.  If your team chooses to develop your invention into a sellable product, you may choose to register a trademark to make your brand stand out.  It is not required though.

Even if you choose not to register a trademark, it is a good idea to look at the list of registered trademarks in your country.  If you find one that is similar to your logo or product name, you may want to consider changing your idea to make your brand more original.