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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
L Cubed 4717 Attention Deficit Band 1.0 (AD Band 1.0)
Automation Nation 3987 Attention Recovery Module (A.R.M.)
Decatur Robotics Team 9895 Audio Dyslexia App
West Harrison Brick Masters 3240 Autism Study Buddy
Baker's Dozen 1920 Baker's Dozen Card Game
Call Us Boss 1012 Beat the Heat
DC Owls 973 Being Dyslexic
Tigernators 8302 Bicycle Balance Machine
Shanizam 11630 Bicycle Balancer
Mustechs 15 Biometric Smart Pen for Busy Students
Techno Whizzes 9187 Blind Swim Sensor
Sharkobots 1940 Bluejay
Challenge Accepted 5484 Bluetooth Morse Code Keyboard
Bricks of Brilliance 3018 BOB’s STEM Tales
Bear Bytes 6176 BookPicker
Rapid Robots 7312 BPS(Building Positioning System)
Robomasters 2.6 1360 Braille Friend
Show-Me Legos 7868 Braille-Boost
Brain Busters 5352 Brain Coin – Incentive Based Learning
Mindcrackers 7630 Brain Gates