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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Thunder Girls 2542 Lego Food Monitoring System
Molecule Mashers 691 Make - A - Snake
The STEMTISTS 5824 Math+Cache Game
Masters Of STEM 7419 MuseEd
Nano Ninjas 480 Nano Ninjas CLASS
Nativity Nighthawks 6318 Nighthawk Math and Reading Knowlege
FLL & Beyond: 2 squared + 3 172 Raiders of the Lost Elements/ChemBattle
Recycling Simplified 10769 RecycleAid 1000
The Future Generation 1988 Smart Painting Solution (SPS)
Cyborgs 14717 Smarty Pants
Single Minded About Robot Technology 313 Solar-Powered Recycling 3D Printer
RVA LEGO Lizards 4280 Systems & Sorcery
CircuitBreakers 612 TBD
Lego Dudes 1226 Technology to learn about Animals
ROAR-BOTS 5 15158 Tele-glasses
The Gearchangers 5087 The Bus Stop (App)
Mindtwisters 5507 The CrissCross Lessons App
Colegio San Jose, Caguas Puerto Rico 14240 The Eagles
Thunderbots 428 ThunderLingo