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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Caught in a Brainstorm 4691 Color Coded Wristbands with QR codes
Tiny Leprechauns 5987 Communi-Copter
RoboShop 5502 Communiquake
RoboRaiders 13343 Community Emergency Response kit POD
LEGO Lightning 6447 Compact Safety Boot
Fifth element 9020 Compost Water Heater
BrickEinsteins 2498 Controlling eruptions BrickEinsteins way
MO' Peeps 654 Cooling and Antenna for Hotshots
Wisdom Hunters 125 COSIAV: CO Early Warning System
Robo Rampage 7940 Could GOGS save more lives from Tsunami?
Battle Bots 2328 CPU -Cholera Prevention Utility
Cy-Bots 1941 Cy-Drones, a Network of Drones.
Cyborgirlz 1110 CyBot - Prevent Electric Shock Drowning
Robotic Raiders 17509 Cyclone Survivor Board Game
Snakebytes 326 D-R Band (Disaster Rescue Band)
Tectonic Technological Titans 7501 Dangerous Debris Defender
Robo RATS 8568 DARE Evac chair and DARE Info Bracelet
Sammamish Style 4435 DDJK SURVEYOR
Twinsburg RoboTigers 7744 Debris Protection System
Albots 3320 Decal Communication Recovery System
Robonauts 3515 Defense Wildfire Action Response FIghter
Mustechs 109 Diaster Toilet
RoboStorm 18855 DisAPPster
Robowizards 8310 Disaster Alert Band (DAB)
Creative Creators 8090 Disaster Depot
Isbister Robobees 14998 Disaster Safety App
Summit Huskies 17886 Disaster Simulation Game
iBots 9930 Disaster X: Hurricanes 2.0
Royal Robotics 43 DisasterAide
The Great Griffins 6599 Dorothy's Helper
Naturally Beck 15750 Double Platform Coastal Wave Generator
Bannekerbots 1299 Drehnan
Idea Club 1427 DRINK (Disaster Relief in Nature Kart)
Knights of the LEGO Table 750 Drop-Drop Evo2 Drop-Barrel
Adrenaline Titans 2223 DWA (Deep Water Alarm)
Lego Legends 11602 Dynogrout
Capri Gearheads Blue 5043 Early Earthquake Notification System
SeaBreeze 1410 Early warning system
THE EARTH SHAKERS 7223 Earth Shaker’s Survival Kit
Ancient Androids 6264 Earthquake Prediction System
B-MOS 4444 Earthquake Sensor Alarm
Manhattan Monsters 10628 EARTHQUAKE! song, dance and video
Lionsteins 930 EDDIE
Legostars 5256 EDRS
NFL- Nerds For Life 10137 ElectroSpark
Beep Patrol 284 EM-Bed
Mindstorm Rescue Squad 7468 Emergency App
Navigators 3706 Emergency Communication Device
Marlbots 1128 Emergency Evacuation Slide
MATRIX 6030 Emergency Survival Box