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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
The Simpsons 795039168 Brain Manager
RoboActive 884 LEGO Robot Races
Electrobots 7553 THE DRIVE-ED CAR
Brick Brainiacs 5495 Re-Ment
NXT Generation 2228 De STiP " THE DOT"
Optibotz 1082 S-O-S: Substitute Online Student Robot
Evangelion 71 Ecuaciones concretas.
Un-angry Birds 4281 gfgf
RobotClass 10 HabiSearch
Lego My Lego 3419 Learn to read computer game for teens
Octobots 5276 Mount Schoolius
Ramey Bombers 14560 TBA
Rapid Robots 7312 BPS(Building Positioning System)
Robo Academy 624 Extensible, Modular & Easy to Assemble C
All Our Other Names Were Vetoed 4897 Stress Relief Fun Kit
Feral Felines 1706 Learning Solutions for Dyscalculia
Robot Rights 436 Math Magic
The MidKnight Minions Too 5991 Survival of the Fittest
Future Finders 1542 Education for everyone
Robo Masters 5864 Concentration cap and Yoga