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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Pantheroids 2790 "MoGaApp": Model, Game Board and App
Praetoria Nave 5174 "My Math...My Way!!!
Robowave 1 aka "Da Lego Squad" 8559 "Smart Speak", a public speaking app
Lego Legends 4865 "Touch N' Learn" - Made by Kids for Kids
The FAB 5 1325 20-gallon challenge APP
7.0 GPA unleashed 7211 7.0 GPA The Science of Writing game
RoboChicks 2608 A.E.S. Automatic Eye Scanner or Sensor
KIMERA 2886 Action Project Ideas for Sleep Awareness
PonyPower 13970 Adventure Beats
BerryBots 3810 AfriCO2
SMS Robotics "Those Chef Guys" 15051 Algebra Help for Parents
RoboVortex 7792 All-gebra: Fun to learn Algebra and math
RIGS 12119 Allergy
Roboticons 2487 AllerScan
Eagles Soar 15193 AMS electronic agenda
Thunderstorms 853 AMUSEUM - Connecting places to museums
Technology Maniac Nerds 1145 An Open World
Bender Bots 7377 Aqua Naaavi
CLASS ACT 2583 Association of Career Teachers (ACT)
Ro-Bricks 2909 Attention Control System (ACS)