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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Robowave 1 aka "Da Lego Squad" 8559 "Smart Speak", a public speaking app
M.U.L.E.S 6558 HARVI (Helpful Assis. Rob 4 Vis. Impared
Cheyenne Mountain Thunderbots 8997 Inspiration to Read
Mechanical Masters 5983 Interactive innovative coding game(IICG)
ev3ngers 201408064 Learning with Legos
Single Minded About Robot Technology 313 Solar-Powered Recycling 3D Printer
The Gearchangers 5087 The Bus Stop (App)
C.A.K.E. B.A.T.T.E.R.S. 7407 Wheel of States
Hydra 3366 “Footie” measures your carbon footprint.