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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Robowave 1 aka "Da Lego Squad" 8559 "Smart Speak", a public speaking app
M.U.L.E.S 6558 HARVI (Helpful Assis. Rob 4 Vis. Impared
Cheyenne Mountain Thunderbots 8997 Inspiration to Read
Mechanical Masters 5983 Interactive innovative coding game(IICG)
ev3ngers 201408064 Learning with Legos
Thunder Girls 2542 Lego Food Monitoring System
Nano Ninjas 480 Nano Ninjas CLASS
Single Minded About Robot Technology 313 Solar-Powered Recycling 3D Printer
The Gearchangers 5087 The Bus Stop (App)
C.A.K.E. B.A.T.T.E.R.S. 7407 Wheel of States
Hydra 3366 “Footie” measures your carbon footprint.