2016 Semi-Finalist Innovations

Use the search filters below to refine your search for a Semi-Finalist team submission. Click on the invention name for a description of the team and their innovative solution for TRASH TREKSM.

Team Name Team Number (Required for US/CAN) Invention Name
Team A.I.R. 6963 Artificial Intelligence Recycler (A.I.R.)
Trash and Trekreation 8550 Cable Chomper
Robostallions 7256 Chipsulation
Those Blue Girls 9778 Diaper Wizardz Environmentally Friendly Diaper Service
Team Storm 100 Eco-Snappy Tips™
Not the Droids You Are Looking For 51 Invisi-Sort
Gryffindor 20428 PLASTIC ZERO
Nano Nerds 442 Polystyrenator
Green Mountain Gears 3958 Sorta Scrappy
The Incredibots 23 Styro-Filter
LOL 2430 The L-Cup. We call our solution the L-Cup because our L-Cup is the next generation of the K-Cup.
Termigators 19930 The Wyrmhole - Styrofoam goes in but does not come out!
iRobot 3205 TrashCam: An Accurate Raspberry Pi Based Waste Sorter Using Photo Classification Technology
CyberTigers 4995 Water Soluble 6-Pack Rings