2016 Semi-Finalist Innovations

Use the search filters below to refine your search for a Semi-Finalist team submission. Click on the invention name for a description of the team and their innovative solution for TRASH TREKSM.

Team Name Team Number (Required for US/CAN) Invention Name
Team A.I.R. 6963 Artificial Intelligence Recycler (A.I.R.)
Robostallions 7256 Chipsulation
Those Blue Girls 9778 Diaper Wizardz Environmentally Friendly Diaper Service
Team Storm 100 Eco-Snappy Tips™
Not the Droids You Are Looking For 51 Invisi-Sort
Gryffindor 20428 PLASTIC ZERO
Nano Nerds 442 Polystyrenator
Green Mountain Gears 3958 Sorta Scrappy
The Incredibots 23 Styro-Filter
LOL 2430 The L-Cup. We call our solution the L-Cup because our L-Cup is the next generation of the K-Cup.
Termigators 19930 The Wyrmhole - Styrofoam goes in but does not come out!
iRobot 3205 TrashCam: An Accurate Raspberry Pi Based Waste Sorter Using Photo Classification Technology
CyberTigers 4995 Water Soluble 6-Pack Rings