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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Camdenton 4-H LASER ORI #3 568 Tornado Alert Device for Deaf (TADD)
Galway Gladiators 7197 "Find Me" cellphone application
Blizzard Bots 2763 "Fire Flector" - Don't burn to death!
Extreme Team 8909 "Mister Twister"
M.I.N.D. 377 A.P.S.O.
The Lego Life Savers ADaR (Avalanche Detection Rod)
Alpha Girls 305 AG Blizzard Water Bottle
Height Differential 5161 Aikido Flood Bag
Mesa Robles Robotworks X 2375 Alert, School, Alert
Masters In Technology 10038 All Alert Storm Watch
Robomasterminds 1149 Alpha Alert
Lexington Legoheads 2444 Anti-cholera Canister
Fearless Loudouners 6766 Anti-Freeze Band
Mod Squad V.2 1931 Anti-Lightning Valve
Molalla Minions 7667 Apollometer
Zues Droids 2986 AqBlock
Fellowship of the Brick 6380 Aqua Garden Network
Lego Robo Warriors 3969 Aqua Obstacle
Ponytail Posse 25 ARC Disaster Assessment App
RoboGators Team 1 16334 Ash Terminator
MINDCRACKERS 8244 Automated Hurrican Rescue System (AHRS)
LEGO Lightning 953 Automated Roof Top Sprnkler
ZeFires (ZeFire Shutter Company) 15527 Automatic Fire Resistant Shutter
RoboChicks 503 Automatic Inflatable Wheelchair
Geared UP! 20 Automatic Staged “Flood” Alert System
Rejecting Reality 927 Ava-Aid
TecHeads 4276 B.E.E.W.A.S.
The Brain Busters 16840 Balloon Based Notification Sign
Bender Bots 12284 Balltitude
Earth Shakerz 11202 Bamboo Safety Shelter
Lego Einsteins 4775 Base Tuned Mass Damper (BTMD)
Blazing Bots 7622 BB Air
Hippie Pandas 12040 Bed Boat
The Droids You're Looking For 18879 BIDAS - Black Ice Detection Alert System
Driscoll Dragons 1807 Black Ice Notifier App
Blast Blocks Blast Block security alert
The Lego Rangers 5869 Bonito Lake Solution
Cubestormers 11353 BOOST Exoskeleton
Austintown Mad Scientists 5686 Brifelet
TAZ BOTS 2652 Bunker Bath
Epic Rainbow Penguins 6161 Buoyant Billy’s Car Seat
Little Hawk Brick Brains 7690 C.A.R. - Carpets are Restored
Princeton Asimoes 6872 Canary Bots
M 3551 Cell Phone Finder Rescue Aid
GearHeadz 5288 Clicada
CO Stormtroopers 6904 CODRIC - CO Detector Right In Cars
Brilliant Blizzard Busters 4454 Collapsing Utility Pole
Wolves #1 132 Color Coded Safety Lights