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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Robowave 1 aka "Da Lego Squad" 8559 "Smart Speak", a public speaking app
Roboticons 2487 AllerScan
Technology Maniac Nerds 1145 An Open World
DC Owls 973 Being Dyslexic
Techno Whizzes 9187 Blind Swim Sensor
Sharkobots 1940 Bluejay
Rapid Robots 7312 BPS(Building Positioning System)
Mindcrackers 7630 Brain Gates
Bricksplosion 7047 Bricksplosion of Science
Iron Bridge Builders 8701 Bridge types used in flood zones
LEGO Rangers 30156 Buddy Reader
NexGen Science Guild 629 Bully Busters
Robo Masters 5864 Concentration cap and Yoga
Ashburn Robotics Geared UP! 168 Craft-A-Bot
Dominators 8043 Creation Solution
RoBoLTZ 2667 CultureConnect
The Cybermen 2596 CyberLearning
Nanobots 13647 Detection of Infection/Diseases
Creative Colonels 14920 Dyslexic app
Brainiac Maniacs 4531 EcoConnect: The Game of Life and Death