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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
ENERGYSMART 1588 Smart HTP Jacket
Adrenaline Titans 2223 DWA (Deep Water Alarm)
Airbenders 12652 World Helper App
Albots 3320 Decal Communication Recovery System
Alpena Rock'n Robots 5837 Hurricane Air Debris Elimination System
Alpha Girls 305 AG Blizzard Water Bottle
Alphabots 11778 Survivor Explorer
Alphabots 3358 How to save disabled people
Ancient Androids 6264 Earthquake Prediction System
Ancient Fire 8330 TrackUS
Around the World Robotics 894 Mobile Tsunami Safety App
Atomic Mustangs 10054 Wave Guard
Attack of the Robots 11433 Save a Life at a time
Austintown Mad Scientists 5686 Brifelet
Automaticus Rex 1144 Personal Electrical Protection Suit
Automation Nation: The Next Generation 17432 GROC: Geo Rescue Oxygen Center
Avengers Reloaded 5660 Rest In ONE PIECE !!
Awkward Turtles 8079 PlaNET
B-MOS 4444 Earthquake Sensor Alarm
B-town Girl-bots 1312 Vehicle High Water Emergency Rescue Kit
Baking Soda Volcano 33 Search And Rescue Assistant (SARA)
Bannekerbots 1299 Drehnan
Bannekerbots 1299 The Dreahnan
Barber Hatchlings 8852 Flame Away
Battle Bots 2328 CPU -Cholera Prevention Utility
Beep Patrol 284 EM-Bed
Bender Bots 12284 Balltitude
Bionic Builders 8937 The FireTag
BIZ Bots 14795 K-911
Blast Blocks Blast Block security alert
Blazing Bots 7622 BB Air
Blazing Electrons 1820 Pyro Deflector
Blizzard Bots 2763 "Fire Flector" - Don't burn to death!
Blizzard Wizards 2557 IllumAlert
Blue Cheesy Flamingos 289 S.W.A.G. (Severe Weather Alert Gear)
Bobcaticians 1294 The Micro Dish
Botboro 6653 SuperPipe Frozen Pipe Detection System
Brain Drainers 4717 “Nature’s Fury” Video Game
Brainstormers 16978 TRAC-SUIT
Brainstormers Forrest Fire Suppressor
BrainStormers 7291 Firebot
Brick Chicks 5792 Vital Vest
Brick Twister F-6 6 Traffic Sign with Water Depth Sensor
Brick Warriors 4306 Vehicular Flood Sensor
BrickEinsteins 2498 Controlling eruptions BrickEinsteins way
Brilliant Blizzard Busters 4454 Collapsing Utility Pole
Broadlands Bricks 1193 Help-O-Matic
Brownian Rovers 2428 iRespond
Burr Robodogs 5900 Safe-T Bracelet