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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
CrossFire 1107 Fire Buggy - Carrying FireFighter Gear
The Amatuers 14054 Remote control gate opener app for phone
Ancient Androids 6264 Earthquake Prediction System
Foxes' Fury 6105 The Tornado Watch
Team SmashBot 17104 Smoke Detector Reset Box & Battery Pack
The Legendary Door-Ahs 10543 Floatable Door
Team NoName 3064 Fire CAT
Sunderland Brainstorm 13401 Hurry-Cane
StormCell 87 Multi-Use Cargo Container Shelter
Mindstorm Rescue Squad 7468 Emergency App
THE EARTH SHAKERS 7223 Earth Shaker’s Survival Kit
138 G.P.S.D Global Positioning Systam+ Drill
Techtonic Titans 15187 PyroProbe
Control Centre 130030 LIVEN
BrainStormers 7291 Firebot
Mayday 130112 Rescue Bot
Brownian Rovers 2428 iRespond
TECHtonics 6583 EQ Alarm
Kestrel Life Savers 8448 Kestrel Bot
Rockin Robots 5681 iRescue™
Robo Tigers 3620 Robo Roof
Creative Creators 8090 Disaster Depot
Fearless Loudouners 6766 Anti-Freeze Band
Monsterbots 12699 Safety Stairs
Mayfield Cy-Bears League 16748 Mr. Bubble
Brilliant Blizzard Busters 4454 Collapsing Utility Pole
Seven White Knights 130110 STRATA: Detecting Sub-surface Landshift
Tornado Warriors 3779 Storm Tracker 3779
Twist Busters 5044 Stay Safe Tornado Alarm
Mind storms Madness Storm-alert app
Merpeople 3063 POP1 (Protecting Our Protectors)
Rainbow Unicorn Pandas 13533 The SMART Probe
F.I.R.E 5376 Solar Power Weather Alert System
Lego Leaders 17668 Sole Saverz
Busy Bees 904 Safety Buzz
Team Iridium 6419 Floating Cars
The Cybirds 11986 The LIGHT-ME Headlamp
Ocean's 11 967 Bacteria
Team Phoenix 6737 The SAL-E (Save a Life Emergency) Gate
Lego Shockwave 9580 L.I.F.E
Comets - White 17704 Wizard Blizzard Game
Robomasters Rock 13491 Hashtag Disastweet, Vehicle Technolgy
Robotix ToonBots de Anne Sullivan 6301 Blizzard Breaker
Naturally Disastrous 10903 Substance X
The Brick Heads 9164 L.I.F.E. 4000
The sixth sensor 4597 Flood Survival kit (FSK)
The Purple Hippies 606 SAFE - Smart Application For Earthquake