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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
VR1 9089 VRCursive
Super Starbots 12044 Compass Rose Simulator
Block-Nauts 11 12 The BIGGM Board
GatorBots 6000 Creative Thinking Toolbox
Gator's Grokking Gizmos 223 Homework Helper
Jedi Engineers 10978 Eagle Eye
DA.TEAM Bikeulator
CorTek 2225 KLOG - The Kids Learning Online Group
HMS Robotics Team Beta 8896 Weather Factory
Lego Masterminds 7347 “Professor Read” Personal Reading Tutor
NDV Blue DragonBots 2554 SimuBot
Tigernators 8302 Bicycle Balance Machine
Legonados 8086 Ebola Investigation
Jr Brainy Bots 7922 NKY MakerSpace
L Cubed 4717 Attention Deficit Band 1.0 (AD Band 1.0)
The Wise Guys 3197 Kids for Kids - First Aid
SpongeBots 8924 Play 'n Practice
The Y Team 829 The Learning Web
Techno Bricks 6362 R.I.S.E. to the Challenge Campaign