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Team Name Team Number Invention Name
Not the Droids You Are Looking For 51
Nativity Nighthawks 6318 Nighthawk Math and Reading Knowlege
The STEMTISTS 5824 Math+Cache Game
ROAR-BOTS 4 7569 Elite Blind Balls and Equipment
Colegio San Jose, Caguas Puerto Rico 14240 The Eagles
ElectroBots 11764 Language Learner
Bricksplosion 7047 Bricksplosion of Science
Lego Legends 14295 Visual display of Allergy/Diet info
Thunderbots 428 ThunderLingo
ROAR-BOTS 5 15158 Tele-glasses
Imagibots ImagiDraw
Techno Whizzes 9187 Blind Swim Sensor
Technology Maniac Nerds 1145 An Open World
CircuitBreakers 612 TBD
The Future Generation 1988 Smart Painting Solution (SPS)
LEGO Rangers 30156 Buddy Reader
Nanobots 13647 Detection of Infection/Diseases
Cyborgs 14717 Smarty Pants
Lego Dudes 1226 Technology to learn about Animals
Iron Bridge Builders 8701 Bridge types used in flood zones